New updates and product improvements
  • The screenshot during mining on viki was broken. It is now fixed with v0.9.1
  • The recommendation system now has multiple display style (dense list, list & grid)

v0.9.0 Dual Subs


  • πŸŽ“ Dual subs support for Youtube, Netflix, and Viki.
    • New anki field for translated sentence. Secondary subtitle appear in the mining dialog.
    • Secondary subtitle can optionally be blurry and show on hover/touch.
    • You can set a default secondary language in the settings, it will try to automatically select it, if possible.
    • The secondary subtitle have their own settings and can be customized.
  • New option to automatically parse video pages.
  • You can now drag subs on the Y axis (ctrl+click or long press on mobile) to quickly adjust the position.
  • Added a counter on the anki addon to show how many cards will be imported after clicking Sync.

Released web extension v0.9.0 and anki addon v0.1.1

v0.8.6 Polishing

We reached 40k items in recommendation systems, pretty cool! πŸŽ‰ I'm still working on adding more and solving tagging, but in meantime here's a small update.


  • πŸ“– Added a page width settings in the reader.
  • 🎭 Subs browser now support the theater mode on youtube (also called cinema mode).
  • βœ‹ In the mining dialog you can now stop recording the audio.
  • ⏭️You can now tap the border of the screen to switch pages in the reader.
  • πŸͺ› Many minor fixes and polishing.

Recommendation System


  • πŸš€ Added a new Recommendation System to Kimchi
    • πŸ” Find content that is comprehensible at your current level
    • πŸ“ˆ Words & Grammar frequency lists
    • 🏷️ Tagging system included so you can filter by it.
    • ⭐ Starring system included so you can find popular content.
    • πŸ‘» Hide content that you are not or no longer interested in.
    • 😎 Netflix, Viki, Youtube, Ridibooks and more are being indexed by the system.
  • Dropped the overly complex "Only The Known Status" in favor of a simpler "Optimistic" approach in the stats panel.
  • Unrelated but I also released 0.8.5 to fix a bug :)



Massive thanks to Kikkah070 for his contribution to kimchi-grammar. πŸ™


v0.8.1 (and v0.8.2)


  • Finally, I have found a way to get audio mining working on firefox without the loudness issue.

Because it only concerns a specific browser, this release will only be published on firefox.

Edit: I had to release another fix - so v0.8.2 belong to firefox as well.

v0.8.0 - Subtitles browser, Viki support & more


  • Option to remove brackets and parenthesis for subtitles.
  • Tables persistence in documents/mining page to save your last state + show/hide columns to customize what column to show.
  • New column Last accessed in documents.
  • Added Hanja/Pronunciation field in mining.
  • Import custom image during your mining.
  • Subtitles browser (with shortcut to toggle, settings to open it by default)
  • Viki support
  • Shortcut to parse page (no default shortcut given, you can set this one in the browsers settings, not the extension settings)
  • New option to choose the prefill layout of the definition fields in mining.
  • Better anki onboarding - Added a 1 click button create deck and card model for new users.


Releasing v0.8.0 on extension and v0.1.0 for the anki addon.

More subtitles customisation + Pronunciation in popup dict
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ Font color, bg color, opacity, radius, padding & transition speed as subtitles settings in both webext and webapp
  • πŸŽ™οΈ The popup dictionary will now display the pronunciation (the little grey box next to hanja)
  • Small fixes and minor changes as always - 0.7.9 released on firefox and chrome.

  • New option in settings to chose how words break in the reader
  • Added a few minor stuff and fixes along with it -> v0.7.8 released on chrome and firefox.

⌨️ Video shortcut customizable & other stuff
  • In both the webapp and webext, you can now customize shortcut related to the video player in settings.
  • πŸ” New shortcut to repeat the current subtitle (arrow down by default)
  • πŸ”€ New settings to customize the font used for subtitles (both webext and webapp)
  • πŸ“™ New grammar V+(γ„΄/λŠ”)λ‹€λ‹ˆκΉŒ/(이)λΌλ‹ˆκΉŒ, V+(μ•˜/μ—ˆ/ν–ˆ)던, V+μ•„/μ–΄ κ°€λ‹€ and V+μ•„/μ–΄ μ˜€λ‹€
  • πŸ”‰ Starting now, all new cards mined get their sound normalized. (Lemme know if you notice any issue with that)
  • 😎 The webext options page get a slight redesign with a menu bar.
  • Tables are now W I D E, they have a better layouting that let it take more screen space if needed, on desktop mainly.
  • ⛏️ Although probably useless, on /dict/some-word, you can now mine it.
  • πŸ› οΈ Fixed the light/dark mode flashbang πŸ“Έ on reload/page navigation.
  • πŸ› οΈ Fixed the line return in mining dialog.
  • πŸ› οΈ Fixed updating words status from the popup on grammar page. v0.7.7 released on now firefox and chrome


πŸ“™ Grammar Update

0.7.6 has been published

New /study/document/두루책방 page to quickly import some mini graded reader with image and audio
  • πŸ“– New integrated library using 두루책방.com, modified and adapted for Kimchi Reader - Easy 1 click install. They also works offline once loaded. Sentence mining too.
  • πŸ”Š πŸ–ΌοΈ Reader get support for audio and image (no editor for it yet and I'm not even sure it's a goal, let me know if you would love to have that. Imho this is a high effort task and low reward/hard to share - but if you know some public domain book/audiobook that I could adapt for kimchi, I would love to know !)
  • ℹ️ Reader get a new button to see information about the current document at the bottom.
  • 🏷️Tags support for documents, for more organisation overall.
  • Many small changes

New /resources page πŸ“
  • A manually curated collection of resources that can be used with Kimchi Reader. Contributions are welcomed

New /stats page with timezone support
  • Added multiple new counters (eg. days of activity on kimchi), some avg per day.
  • Heatmap also get mining in addition to seen/known activities now.
  • Date range on most graphs.
  • New chart for average hour of the day and day of the week.
  • Blue is now a new color that you can edit in settings (crazy feature I know ) v0.7.5 got released on chrome and firefox to fix a few minor issues.


v0.7.3 was published on firefox for a short moment v0.7.4 is published on firefox and chrome - lot of small fixes

  • Youtube audio recording is now possible on firefox . Firefox is now a viable browser for mining. You will still need chrome when you're using netflix.


v0.7.1 released to fix some minor bugs found this morning edit: v0.7.2 released to fix even more bugs

v0.7.0 Subtitles/Mining/Dictionary improvement
  • πŸ“™ Dictionary improvement: Definitions are now grouped when possible. This update will massively reduce the number of tabs in the popup dict, not only that, but also partially solve the issue that some people were getting annoyed with the presence of stdict entries. You will now see them much less due to the grouping. πŸš€
  • ⛏️ Mining improvement:
    • Re-record the audio to change the range: yup finally it is coded
    • You can now also edit the sentence manually if you wish.
  • πŸ”€ Subtitles improvement:
    • Smooth rounded background for subtitles, probably the most useless feature I ever coded but
    • The current active item is now highlighted in blue.
    • Stop mode: pause on each sentence now available in settings from the popup, a setting specific per video. Pause on 1T will be coded another day as this is much more complicated to get it right.
    • Hide subtitle option, the option is there, but it is probably useless because I haven't coded a shortcut for it yet. I'm unsure how I want to handle shortcut in a way I'm not mixing with youtube/netflix/any other website yet. If you got a clever idea, don't hesitate to share.
    • Adjustable height for subtitles placement - in case you need it. Many small fixes and stuff done as well. We also got a new kimchi art for /dict


Today I made a change for something I had planned for a long while, the transition was almost perfect except one small bug that basically killed the whole thing skill issue on my end. Because of this, I had to release a bunch of version to fix everything. If your kimchi doesn't work, it's probably because it need this update.

  • v0.6.7 web extension published on chrome and firefox. Available now.
  • v0.0.5 anki updated
  • also has been updated for this.


v0.0.4 anki addon updated to add a new option to convert audio files as mp3 or wav in addition to the default webm (round 2 of trying to fix anki on iOS)

  • v0.6.6 on chrome/firefox released to fix shortcut 1/2/3 on youtube
  • v0.0.3 on anki released to switch the audio file as .webm instead of .wav (it always has been .webm recently but historically it has been .wav at some point and forgot to make the switch on the file extension - nothing that you should worry in practice)
  • Multiple others small issue fixed as well (improved a bit the epub importer, words are now dismissible in both the scratchpad and all reading mode in reader, some others smaller stuff ...)


v0.6.5 released with minor fixes

  • v0.6.4 released on firefox and chrome - It fixes a subtitle expanding order bug
  • Added a hint for those who import vocabulary from anki but have not checked the "Support older anki version" checkbox at the export.
  • Scroll to top on page change in the reader
  • Video player in the webapp now make the distinction between a click (to pause/continue the video) and touch click (on mobile, single click pause/continue and double tap can go next/previous subtitle)


v0.6.3 released on firefox with some fixes again


v0.6.2 released - some fixes for stats

  • Fix: The top 100 words list was filtered after - leading in a smaller list when looking at unknown only for example. This is now fixed and all 3 filter will give 100 words when possible.
  • Fix: Support for split words (word that lead into 2 words inside a single word) - I was giving the full word version and it redirected you to a non existing dictionary entry
  • Fix: The list of lemma per word was not filtered to be unique - now it is.
  • Fix: The comprehension rate was including unrecognized words - I fixed it and it won't do that anymore.


v0.6.1 released on firefox only to fix an urgent bug

v0.6.0 Stats for reader/video/webpage
  • Cool update that add a way to know what is your comprehension rate about the content you're about to digest. It has some options on how to calculate the stats because there are not only one correct way. Play with them and see what you like the most
  • Fixed some bugs in the extension like the popup no longer being attached to a word after an status update in video.

Ps: if you're wondering about the meaning of something in the dialog, hover your mouse on it and maybe might be a tooltip.


LingQ import + new discord bot
  • Added a new import for LingQ - since they don't export their word status, you will have to define at what status you want to import them as.
  • Modified the Text import to be able to do the same, you can even import them as unknown now, effectively making a good way to reset your account along with /stats/words/all if you really want to do it.
  • I added a cool way to link your Discord account with Kimchi - check to see how

v0.5.4 + new settings for how words should be underlined on mixed statuses
  • A new setting with 2 options to decide how the underline should works when a word has multiple possibilities and you gave it different statuses (tldr; there is a way now to remove a LOT of yellow underline)
  • Reworked the epub import - it only has a small improvement for now - you can write <pagebreak> and it will force reader to break the page at this point.
  • New /stats/words/all page + added an export button.
  • Various small fixes and ux improvement.


v0.5.3 Released - fix an oopsie I had done on youtube - it should works again.

v0.5.2 Released
  • It fixes a netflix screenshot bugs for some people hopefully 🀞
  • Added a new option to have a more condensed appearance when using krdict
  • Slightly better positioning for the popup, especially on mobile I did an oopsie with 0.5.1 so we jump straight to 0.5.2

  • Released clipboard scratchpad - A way to quickly parse a temporary document (eg. useful if you OCR an image and paste quickly)
  • If you're on chrome, you can enable auto clipboard that will read your clipboard content every time you focus back on the browser. (Browser will ask you for clipboard permission the first time)
  • The history is local per device, 10 items are kept. Lemme know if you want something different in the future.
  • It support markdown - same as normal document in Kimchi

Dict search improvement
  • The dictionary search box now lemmatize words and will suggest you when possible (not available offline)
  • If you are logged in, you can now update the word status in the dictionary
  • The title of the document you are reading is now visible on each page
  • Various other fixes and ux improvements

Words rank list
  • You can now see the full list of your beginner/intermediate/advanced words in /stats
  • Support for dark/light theme on the website
  • Various minor fixes and improvement ps: new emoji have been added to the server

Reader Progression
  • Finally Kimchi get to remember at what page you were
  • You can also mark as read at the end of the document to clearly mark it as done
  • Progression is shown on the table when browsing all your documents

Stdict & Hanja integration 😎
  • This mean 100k ish new words were added to the parser
  • Hanja are now displayed, not only that, but they have a definition as well!
  • People now can chose if they want to study with a monolingual dict (stdict) or continue in english (krdict).
  • If one side does not have a definition, it will fallback on the other. If both side have definition, it will show first the one you configured in βš™οΈ settings. You still can switch between both during a study session.

Other cool stuff

  • New tool πŸ”, open to everyone, if you want to lookup for a definition quickly (faster alternative to krdict/stdict)
  • You can now configure the colors of the underlined word (unknown, seen, known) in settings.
  • New progression bar in stats for foreign words (think konglish, cities names, etc). So you can subtract it from your total if you want to be more realistic on the number.
  • released v0.5.0 for the extension

I will now ping @everyone on any decently major update. You can right click on the server and edit your notification preference if you dislike it.


Released Web Extension v0.4.5 + Web App update
  • More colors settings, you can now redefine more colors in both the webapp and webextension. This is useful for colorblind people in particular. Ps: you can redefine orange too with this update
  • Subtitle font size/line height are now configurable. In both the webapp and webextension.

Released Web Extension v0.4.4 + Video on mobile can handle large files easily again
  • The audio files generated when doing sentence mining are now real audio files. Those who were getting the video opened during their anki session should no longer get that with newly mined card.
  • Revamped a bit the sentence mining on the webapp. It should now works on mobile as well (it was crashing before)
  • Less <span> in the html generated from a card mined.
  • Video are now paused whenever you open a word.

Released Web Extension v0.4.3 - Netflix audio/screenshot mining
  • Fixing a bug where word status were not updated.
  • Simplified a bit the UI, the extract tool became a small button at the top now. Seen counter is now visible.
  • Audio/screenshot for netflix sentence mining is only available on Chrome related browser (Not firefox) ⚠️ This update disabled the addon for everyone on chrome due to new permissions required, you will have to re-activate it in chrome://extensions

Anki addon v0.0.2 released
  • The previous version broke on the newest anki version so I updated it :)

v0.4.2 released
  • Fixed a bug where not all the words statuses were loaded. Fixed on both the webextension and webapp. (If your stats numbers are not matching at all with the statuses and you used the import in the past, dm me to fix that)

Released Web Extension v0.4.1 - minor UX improvement
  • You can now click on a word to open the dictionary popup
  • Fixed youtube subtitle that stayed from one page to another
  • Fixed renamed youtube subtitle not being detected (The order is now: korean > renamed korean > generated korean)
  • More reader size options (Pico, Nano, Tiny)
  • Various UX improvement for the extension.

New website got released
  • New landing page that better reflects the current state of Kimchi Reader and its features.
  • There is now a slightly better onboarding for new users. A new /manual, to explain how features work.
  • Added a new email settings tab. With GDPR laws, if I want to send marketing emails later, I have to collect the consent first. You will have to opt in manually if you want to receive those.

Upgraded Reader Experience
  • Now documents are paginated πŸ“– (You got a settings to chose between 3 sizes)
  • It now should be blazing fast ⚑ even your smartphone should handle book sized documents with ease.
  • Custom fonts ✍️ (3 choices for now, ridi font is included :flushed_cool: )
  • Popup πŸ—¨οΈ mode available (You still can continue to use the side-by-side, it's a settings)
  • Epub import πŸ“š has been improved, not yet where I want it to be, but it is better than before.

Smaller changes

  • The offline for the reader should be pretty solid now !
  • The document table (/study) got upgraded with a search, pagination and sorting.
  • Better light theme, slightly changed the colors.
  • In split mode, on mobile, you can dismiss the dictionary to have the whole screen to you.
  • Some styling fixes for sentence mining on mobile & other area.
  • Shortcut should works now, they're clickable too & can use shift to open.

Released ⛏️ Sentence Mining !
  • Released an update to the web app to include a new /mining menu.
  • Released a new version of the web extension 0.4.0 Which include the sentence mining in the extension + proper fix for youtube auto generated subtitle & others fixes.
  • Released a new Anki Addon to sync.

How do I use it ?

  1. Find a sentence where you have only 1 word that you don't know, open that word and click on ⛏️ Mine sentence
  2. One day, open anki and install the addon, the first time you'll have to configure a bit, and then you'll just have to hit the Sync button.

Stuff useful to know

  • The sync goes from kimchi to anki, not the other way around. Only add/update are sync, not delete. (This make the anki addon safe from scary bug)
  • Image and audio capture are awesome but it's not possible everywhere . Here's the compatibility table:
|                             | Text | Image | Audio |
| Webapp Reader               | x    | -     | -     |
| Webapp Video                | x    | x     | x     |
| Extension any webpage       | x    | -     | -     |
| Extension Youtube (chrome)  | x    | x     | x*    |
| Extension Youtube (firefox) | x    | x     | -     |
| Extension Netflix           | x    | -     | -     |
* You will have to wait for the entire sentence to be recorded



Released 0.3.10 - Just a slight change to accept Youtube's auto-generated subtitle as source.


I added a new page to import your vocabulary from other sources such as Anki, Migaku or any text you could have. It is in Account > Import vocabulary (



Up to now we had the web extension to watch on youtube and netflix but we had no way to watch from a local file on your computer. This is now possible and bonus point it works on mobile too ! You will need 2 files: a video file that your browser can read (usually .mp4) and a subtitle file (.srt)

image image


Released 0.3.9 (web extension) to include the above change


And so I also released a few quite simple, initial rules for the feature above


Additionally you might now start to see some detection of grammar that span over multiple words. In this example ν•˜λ£¨λŠ” 농뢀가 괭이둜 밭을 갈고 μžˆμ—ˆλ‹€. we can see the definition citing the presence of pattern V+κ³  μžˆλ‹€ in 갈고 μžˆμ—ˆλ‹€


Released a way to see more details about the decomposition for the current word you're inspecting, by default it remain minimised.

image image


I changed once again the rules for the pair matching, more selective, it has 28157 know pairs now. I'm quite confident the quality is higher this time, less noise.


New settings page with an appearance tab so you can customise the colors as you wish



I also released some basic reader settings, so you can customize at the font size and line height. Lemme know if there something else you wished it was customizable



Released a dark/white mode, the toggle is on the sidebar :)



Released 0.3.8 - Added the support for the two word thing in one word Also changed the know pair list to have 37982 entries. A bit more lenient but I will monitor whatever this is actually helping more than adding error. If you encounter annoying case don't hesitate to tell me. hopefully with time I can find a good balance on that


Upgraded the lemmatizer to sometime (8824 know pairs so far, to be improved over time) recognise pair of words, typically when you got 2 words in a single word without space. A good example is the 18th story of 외ꡭ인을 μœ„ν•œ ν•œκ΅­μ–΄ 읽기, it contains the word κΈˆλ„λΌ (golden ax) which does not exist itself in the krdict however 금 (gold) do exist and 도끼 (ax) also exist. See screenshot, it now would consider them as 2 word with different status and definitions. A release for the extension is coming later.




Released 0.3.7 - Mostly minor bugfixes


Released V+(으)렀던으렀던_렀던
Released V+λ”λ‹ˆλ”λ‹ˆ
Released V+더라면더라면
Released N+μŠ€λŸ½λ‹€μŠ€λŸ½λ‹€
Released N+λ‹΅λ‹€λ‹΅λ‹€
With this, pretty much all the form from KGIU beginner + intermediate are covered


Released V+λ‹€λ©΄μ„œ(μš”)λ‹€λ©΄μ„œ_λΌλ©΄μ„œ_λ‹€λ©°
Reworked on λ‹€κ³ , 라고, 냐고, 자고 (quoting stuff)
Released V+λ‹€λ‹ˆ/λΌλ‹ˆ/λƒλ‹ˆ/μžλ‹ˆλ‹€λ‹ˆ_λΌλ‹ˆ_λƒλ‹ˆ_μžλ‹ˆ




I'm back working on improving the lemmatizer, in addition to that I'm currently rewritting each grammar page (still in progress, it gonna takes some times). I hope you enjoy the new format

Released V+냐냐
Released V+고자고자
Released V+λ‹€κ°€λ‹€κ°€
Released V+던던
Released V+던데(μš”)λ˜λ°μš”_던데


Released 0.3.6 - Added a new way to quickly copy stuff to read from any webpage into the webapp (shortcut 1, 2, 3, 4 available)


I released a way to import epub and convert it to markdown. The conversion is "best effort" and no image are included. This should be good enough to read book on it. If your import failed or was all broken, don't hesitate to tell me so I can look into it. Books can be large but it should be decently fast even on your phone.


Hello , I silently released something quite cool but it's very alpha ℒ️ you can expect bugs πŸ› . Basically now is installable on your phone and you can upload some text to study. This is the foundation for the many feature I have in minds but the direct advantage that you can have starting today are

  1. Being able to study on pc and continue your session on mobile.
  2. Use Kimchi Reader without internet (partially, but the core function of studying should works)



Released 0.3.5 - Minor bug fix for word statuses



Released 0.3.4 - QoL improvement for netflix (left/right/space) + various bug fixes


Released 0.3.3 - Add Netflix support πŸŽ‰ When this is possible, you should see two checkmark on the popup - the same as on youtube. Please note that you need to have Korean subtitle available and selected (Might need a vpn depending on where you live)

image image




Released 0.3.2 There were a bug with the 0.3.1 on chrome but it's all fixed now.




Released 0.3.1 - Fixes some bugs (eg. statuses were not sync, quote in subtitles) & finally added an icon :)


Released 0.3.0 - It now support youtube subtitle πŸŽ‰ When this is possible, you should see two checkmark on the popup.

image image


Released a slightly different landing page on, hopefully better than previous one


Released 0.2.8 - It includes some minor bugs fixing


Released a new section in /stats on the website for the words statuses and your progression according to krdict words difficulty. Related to the stars ⭐ you see on the popup. ps: The exact list is not browsable yet, but it will be the subject of a release one day.



Released 0.2.7 - It will add the word rank (beginner/intermediate/advanced) according to krdict ranking (see the little stars ⭐ on top right). Also fixed some bugs. Live on firefox now, in a few days on chrome. image


Released a free trial 7 days period for new users so that they can try before buying


Quotation (direct/indirect/shorthand) Released N+(이)냐고이냐고_냐고 Released N+(이)λƒ¬μš”μ΄λƒ¬μš”_λƒ¬μš” Released N+(이)라고이라고_라고 Released N+(이)λž˜μš”μ΄λž˜μš”_λž˜μš” Released V+(γ„΄/λŠ”)λ‹€κ³λŠ”λ‹€κ³ _γ„΄λ‹€κ³ _λ‹€κ³  Released V+(γ„΄/λŠ”)λŒ€μš”λŠ”λŒ€μš”_γ„΄λŒ€μš”_λŒ€μš” Released V+(으/느)냐고μœΌλƒκ³ _λŠλƒκ³ _냐고 Released V+(으)λƒ¬μš”μœΌλƒ¬μš”_λƒ¬μš” Released V+(으)라고으라고_라고 Released V+(으)λž˜μš”μœΌλž˜μš”_λž˜μš” Released V+자고자고 Released V+μž¬μš”μž¬μš” With this - All grammars points from KGIU beginner have been implemented :gpu_kp_yvescool:


Released 0.2.6 - You now can press 1/2/3 while hovering with your mouse on the word to update the status accordingly without opening the popup. (Not live yet on chrome)


















Released 0.2.5 Fixing some bugs and now all popup dictionary should have the same style no matter where. (For firefox users, it's live now. For chrome you'll have to wait ~2 days before google review it)


Released a small guide to onboard new users in the future



Released support for some common abbreviation μ „, λ‚œ, λ„Œ, [...]건, 절, λ‚ , 널, [...]κ±Έ, 게, λˆ„κ°€.