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오래된 시골 마을에 착한 농부가 살고 있었다. 그는 아직 결혼하지 않은 채 혼자 생활하고 있었다.
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V+아/어 가다



Keep doing
Indicates an action in the present continues into the future.
  • 한국어를 공부해 가겠습니다!
    I will keep studying Korean! (now and in the future)
  • 일이 가요?
    Are things going well? / Is work progressing favourably?
  • 시간이 지나면서, 저는 아버지를 닮아 가고 있어요!
    As time goes on, I'm looking like my father (more and more)!
  • 살아가면서 힘든 일이 많지만 포기하지 않을 거예요!
    As you go through life there are many difficlties, but I won't give up!

Going somewhere

Moving towards
Indicates an action moves away from the speaker and towards a destination or person.
  • 식당까지 걸어 갔어요.
    I walked to the restaurant.
  • 집에서 기다려 주세요. 치킨을 갈게요.
    Please wait at home. I'll buy chicken (and go to you.)
  • 여기에서 먹어도 돼요. 음식을 가져가세요.
    You're not allowed to eat here. Please take your food (and leave).

Almost done

About to finish
Indicates an action that has started is still in progress but will soon end.
  • 드라마가 끝나 가요.
    The TV show is about to end.
  • 물이 조금밖에 남아서 거의 마셔 가요.
    There's only a bit of water left, so I'm almost done drinking it.
  • 책을 읽어 가요.
    I'm almost done reading this book.
  • 거의 도착해 가요. 조금만 기다려 주세요.
    I'm almost there (about to arrive). Please wait a little longer.


Both versions [아/어]가다 and 아/어 가다 (with space) exist and can be used interchangeably.

All the grammatical content on this page, excluding the computer-generated audio, is licensed under the permissive
CC BY 4.0
license. Contributions, corrections, and feedback are all highly welcomed.
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