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Unknown words are underlined in red, Seen in yellow and Known in green. When a word has multiple possible definitions and mixed states it is again underlined as Seen . Known words are only shown when you press Shift on desktop.
농부는 아직 결혼하지 않고 혼자 살았다.
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Sentence Mining
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About me

Like you, I wanted to learn Korean but I was fed up with the existing tools to learn through immersion.

So, I made Kimchi Reader.

Hopefully you too will enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Immerse with Videos
Youtube, Netflix and your personal videos and subtitles
Screenshot of the Video player
Words breakdown
See exactly how the words are formed
Mark your knowledge
Start tracking your knowledge
Visualize your progression
Start tracking yours
Chart of distribution of known/seen words per level example
Works on mobile
Install the PWA to get the full experience
Import content to read
EPUB, Text, Markdown or extract from websites
Offline Reader
Continue to read even without internet
Customizable Reader
Customize colors, fonts, size, etc.
Dark mode
Easier on your eyes
Fast & Lightweight
Built for speed and efficiency
Import your vocabulary
From Anki, Migaku or any text.
Discord community
A friendly community of fellow learners!
Sentence Mining
The ultimate way of acquiring new vocabulary
  1. Find a sentence with only 1 unknown word
  2. Make a card out of it
  3. Sync your card with Anki
Screenshot of Sentence Mining in Kimchi Reader
Screenshot from the amazing youtube channel Didi의 한국어 Podcast
Read anything, anywhere
Language Learning through Videos
Browser Extension
Web application
Your own video and subtitle files
Screenshot of the Video player
Accelerate your vocabulary growth with Sentence Mining
What is Sentence Mining?
Sentence Mining is the process of finding sentences in native material and adding them to your flashcard deck. The guys at Refold made a good explanation and a guide
Why Sentence Mine?
Sentence Mining is one of the most efficient ways to learning vocabulary. It is also extremely fun as you are consuming the content you enjoy.
How does it work?
It is just that great
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