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오래된 시골 마을에 착한 농부가 살고 있었다. 그는 아직 결혼하지 않은 채 혼자 생활하고 있었다.
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According to

as, just as
When added to the end of a noun, it indicates that something is "as" or "in accordance with" the noun.
  • 모든 것이 예정대로 진행되고 있습니다.
    Everything is proceeding as planned.
  • 화면의 모습대로, 배우는 멋있어요.
    Just as the appearance on screen, that actor is stylish.

Usage with verbs

When used with verbs, it appears as V+은/는 대로.

Sometimes can be translated to "as soon as"

  • 메시지를 대로, 답장해 주세요.
    Please reply as soon as you receive the message.
  • 밥을 대로 설거지를 주세요.
    Please do the dishes as soon as you've finished eating.

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