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오래된 시골 마을에 착한 농부가 살고 있었다. 그는 아직 결혼하지 않은 채 혼자 생활하고 있었다.
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Change compared to the past

Used when the speaker wants to refer to a change compared to the past that they directly seen or experienced
  • 아침에 날씨가 흐리더니 오후에는 눈이 왔어요.
    The weather was cloudy in the morning, but it snowed in the afternoon.
  • 요즘 부동산에 보러 다니더니 좋은 집을 찾았어요?
    You've been looking at houses lately. Did you find a good one?

Possible alternative form -더니만.

  • 네가 예전엔 이런 음식을 더니만 이제는 먹는구나.
    You didn't eat this kind of food before, but now you eat it well.

Can be used with nouns if they are followed by N+이다.

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license. Contributions, corrections, and feedback are all highly welcomed.
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